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Download Power Rangers TV Show

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Power Rangers TV Show, a hit series originated in 1993 on Fox Kids. The initial name of series was Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The show has completed 16 years and 15 seasons and is still going strong. Each season introduces new characters, villains and story lines which help to make the series interesting.

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Power Rangers Jungle Fury 19 PATH OF THE RHINO 1/3

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Let’s Download Power Rangers Episodes


‘Power Rangers’ for action fanatics

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When I watched this show for the first time on ABC, it appeared to me like some Aliens have intruded on earth. I had heard the name of Power rangers for several times but to me it was an animated series. But when started watching it from the season three from the episode ‘Power Rangers- Zeo’, I became a regular viewer of the show. The concept of super heroes dressed in bright colors and with masks on their faces on the real roads and forests, really proved catchy for me.

It just satisfies a sort of fantasy that what would have happened if there were the real monsters and super heroes on earth somewhere. The original scenery makes it different from other animated series. Because I am the person who least likes animation series and instead of wasting time in watching an animated series I would like to go for a video game. After all I can participate in that. But this combo of superheroes dressed like animated characters but on the real earth is extraordinary. Moreover I can watch Japanese tricks of fight. The super powers like invisibility, super speed, telekinesis and other innate abilities make it more interesting. An action fanatic like me gets a healthy dose from this show.

As I started watching it from season three so, in my vacation I just searched it on internet and downloaded previous two seasons too. The different colors of costumes for warriors make identify the difference in intensity of powers of different rangers. Like red rangers, blue rangers and there were silver and orange rangers too in one of the episodes.

Here is another site from Disney its Disney XD, here the American web users can watch the episodes before they air on TV.


Pink Ranger & Yellow Ranger

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Power Rangers is a silly, goofy show, but ‘fess up - who doesn’t love it just a bit, huh? Ninjas in spandex with laser guns? Giant robots beating up giant monsters? Amy Jo Johnson? Okay, she’s not in all of the shows, but it’s still a recipe for fun.

The Yellow Ranger is Veronica “Ronny” Robinson, a confident and sometimes overly competitive stock car racer. Her physical power is superhuman speed, which exceeds even the capacity of the eye to note. Before becoming a Ranger, Ronny was competing in an Italian race. The Pink Rangers
is Rose Ortiz, a Mensa-level genius archaeologist who enjoys poetry and mythology. The latter interest makes Rose an invaluable source of information regarding the legends which she and her companions must use as the bases for their treasure-hunts. She lacks a robust sense of humor, though she has been made a figure of fun on some occasions. Her power is invisibility. Before she became a Power Ranger, Rose was studying in London.

There have been many and varied Power Rangers toy ranges over the years, but more often than not the female Rangers have missed out - even in lines of five action figures, it’s not been uncommon for only the males of the team (and various male guest Rangers who pop up from time to time) to get figures made of themselves. Fortunately the Operation Overdrive line takes the common sense approach and features all of the five core Rangers, including the girls. About time.

Power Rangers - while not as moronic as its detractors like to believe - is not a sophisticated show, and these are not sophisticated figures. From the neck down they’re identical, not just in sculpt but also in paint - in a clever cost-cutting measure that doesn’t really detract from anything, the paintwork adds the colours both figures have in common, so only the colour of cast plastic is changed. The figures are unremarkable but quite satisfactory representations of their on-screen counterparts - both female physiques in form-fitting (but not too tight, or figure-hugging) costumes, with various bits of sci-fi whatnot attached to them as belts, boot and glove tops, and so on.

As befitting the Power Rangers, the design and appearance is bold and simple, with bright colours and clean shapes - the makers haven’t sold the figures short on quality, but nor have they gone out of their way to include a lot of detail or texture. One oddity not often seen on action figures is that a factory sticker is still stuck to their backs in the packaging, and may not peel off cleanly if you try to rip it off too fast, so be ready to pick little bits of adhesive off your Ranger’s back.

The heads - helmets, rather - are identical at a glance, but closer inspection reveals small differences in the design, with the Yellow Ranger sporting a larger lower-face grille and narrower visor, and the Pink Ranger having a more streamlined design to the top of her helmet that doesn’t extend as far forward as her twin’s. The Pink Ranger I found has rather a nasty accidental spot of black paint on her jaw, and it wasn’t the only anomalous dab of paint I saw among the figures on offer, so be careful when you choose one to take home - while the production standards aren’t shoddy as such, there are notable errors.

Being functionally identical, both Rangers have identical articulation: a swivel neck, swivel/peg shoulders, swivel/pin elbows, swivel/peg hips, swivel thighs, and pin knees. A waist would have been nice, as would swivel boot tops, but all in all the articulation is quite sufficient for broad action poses, and let’s face it: Power Rangers aren’t about subtlety. The lack of a balljoint neck doesn’t hurt as much as it could, since the faceless helmets tend not to dominate the body language of the figures as much as bare heads with visible faces would.

Each figure comes with two identical accessories, and one unique one. The common pieces are a heavy pistol and a handheld communicator, both molded in light gray plastic with no paint apps, both rendered in the chunky, look-at-me-I’m-technology style of the show’s props. The figures hands are grasping, but not open enough for either accessory - being soft plastic, they accommodate the pistols quite well, but the communicators are a touch thicker, and can take a bit of work to get in a satisfying hold.

The other accessories are BFG-sized blaster weapons, both of which have a light-up feature. The sculpts are unique, with the Yellow Ranger having a blockier, techier-looking gun in yellow and gray, with an upward-angled muzzle showing off the light-up tip, and the Pink Ranger having a sleeker, rounder weapon in gray and white, with the light more shrouded by the muzzle. A button on top of the barrel lights up the tip, which shines nice and bright - batteries are built in, but accessible to be swapped if they ever run out. The blasters only have a single grip, suggesting they’re over-sized pistols (like, really over-sized), but they’re so big that it can be difficult to keep the figures standing upright if they’re holding them outwards.

These aren’t going to be up for Toy of the Year - their sculpts won’t have McFarlane or the Four Horsemen shaking in their boots, their articulation isn’t the envy of SOTA’s Street Fighters and their accessories won’t have Diamond Select/Art Asylum slapping themselves for not putting in as much effort themselves. But they’re cheap, colourful, and fun - if that’s not good enough, you probably didn’t want Power Rangers anyway.


David Yost Biography

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Yost was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa on January 7, 1971. He moved around throughout the United States as a child and won many gymnastics competitions nationally. Among these were the state championships for both Iowa and Montana. He moved to California with hopes of becoming an actor and auditioned for a role in the Power Rangers series just 2 months after arriving. He won the part of Billy Cranston, the nerdy power ranger.

Yost starred in 200 episodes of the series over the next several years. He also portrayed Billy in his most high-profile work, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie, which took in over $30 million at the box office in 1995.

1995 was definitely Yost’s year, as he also had a minor role in the film Ladykiller. After this, however, Yost’s influence began to fade.

Little is known concerning Yost’s activities over the next 3 years. In 2000, however, he attempted to mount a comeback, portraying a playboy photographer in the made for TV movie After Diff’rent Strokes: When the Laughter Stopped. The role had little to no impact on the film world, and Yost slipped into obscurity once again.

In 2001, he first tried his hand at producing, working on the series Alien Hunter and Temptation Island.

David stands 5′7″, and has naturally blond hair.

As personal hobbies, David has rode Wavejammers, windsurfed, swum, hiked mountains and written screen plays in the “bizarre, twisted” genre. Harold Pinter is his favorite playwright.
A nomadic child traveling around America, David found himself competing for the State of Montana and the State of Iowa gymnastics until 19 years old. (He was an “excellent gymnast.”) Graduating Graceland College soonafter around 1991. He then packed his bags and settled in Los Angeles to wait tables for two months before the auditions for MMPR were ready to role in September of 1992.
At 16, (circa 1987) David attended four years at Graceland College and left with a degree in Speech and Communications and BA Theatre Arts around 1991.

To win the role of “Billy Cranston” in 1992, David had to out-perform three to four thousand hopeful actors. It took eight callbacks before David recieved the news.


Watch Power Rangers TV Show Online

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Power Rangers TV Show, a hit series originated in 1993 on Fox Kids. The initial name of series was Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The show has completed 16 years and 15 seasons and is still going strong. Each season introduces new characters, villains and story lines which help to make the series interesting. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers centered on four athletic teenagers and their smart friend Billy, who are selected to fight evil witch Rita Repulsa and her followers. Over time, some rangers passed their fighting powers to others.


Earth is once again being threatened by reappearance of a powerful evil spirit, Dai-Shi, who has recently escaped from its ten thousand years old imprisonment. In order to escape earth from that evil spirit, three teenagers who are attending the Pai Zhuq Kung Fu Academy and are very skilled in Martial Arts are chosen to alter into Power Rangers to protect the planet and fight against Dai-Shi. Power Rangers under the direction of their Kung Fu Master, RJ, will fight to save the world.

Watch Power Rangers TV Show Online


Power Rangers TV Show Online

Let’s Download Power Rangers Episodes for free now.


True Friends, True Spirits

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Writer: Aran Hufee

Episode Number: 654 Season Num: 16 First Aired: Monday June 30, 2008 Prod Code: 1818

Grizzaka sends an evil spirit to cause trouble between RJ and his animal spirit again. The hero in RJ causes him to save Flit. RJ tells the spy to go home but Flit tells of his own curse. Eager to return the favor, Flit helps RJ out in defeating the evil spirit and once again working together with his animal spirit.


No “I” in Leader

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Writer: William Carter

Director: Vanessa Alexander

Star: Jason Smith (Casey, Red Tiger Ranger), Anna Hutchinson (Lily, Yellow Cheetah Ranger), Bede Skinner (Jarrod/Dai Shi), Holly Shanahan (Camille), Sarah Thomson (Fran), Aljin Abella (Theo, Blue Jaguar Ranger), David de Lautour (RJ, Violet Wolf Ranger)

Recurring Role: Nathaniel Lees (Master Mao), Derek Judge (Grizzaka (voice))

Casey really has grown up from being a cub at Pai Zhuq. He’s taken initiative and stepped up to being the leader of the group. But now with RJ as a ranger, things are a little different. Casey feels like a cub all over again. RJ tells him that Casey will always be the leader. And the team will always follow Casey.


Bad to the Bone

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Writer: Bruce Kalish

Director: Jonathan Brough

Star: Sarah Thomson (Fran), Bede Skinner (Jarrod/Dai Shi), Holly Shanahan (Camille), David de Lautour (RJ), Aljin Abella (Theo, Blue Jaguar Ranger), Anna Hutchinson (Lily, Yellow Cheetah Ranger), Jason Smith (Casey, Red Tiger Ranger)

Recurring Role: Derek Judge (Grizzaka (voice)), Elisabeth Easther (Jellica (voice)), Cameron Rhodes (Carnisoar (voice))

Guest Star: Peter Ford (Porcupongo (voice)), Stephen Lovatt (Hamhock (voice))

Episode Number: 651 Season Num: 16 First Aired: Monday June 2, 2008 Prod Code: 1815

Everyone is still making fun of Lily for being too nice. After a battle with Porcupongo, Lily is fed up with being so nice and shows her bad side. Lily becomes a rude customer at JKP and refuses to help the other rangers. Fran confronts her and through a tussle they find Lily has been affected by one of Porcupongo’s quills. As herself again, Lily rushes out to rejoin the rangers.


Friends Don’t Fade Away

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Originally aired: Monday June 16, 2008 on FOX
Writer: Ally Mondera
Director: Vanessa Alexander
Show Stars: David de Lautour (RJ, Violet Wolf Ranger), Anna Hutchinson (Lily, Yellow Cheetah Ranger), Holly Shanahan (Camille), Aljin Abella (Theo, Blue Jaguar Ranger), Sarah Thomson (Fran), Bede Skinner (Jarrod/Dai Shi), Jason Smith (Casey, Red Tiger Ranger)
Recurring Role: Kelson Henderson (Flit (voice)), Derek Judge (Grizzaka (voice)), Cameron Rhodes (Carnisoar (voice)), Elisabeth Easther (Jellica (voice))
Guest Stars: Dominic Barnston (Barefoot Teen) , Lisa Baldwin (News Reporter) , Glen Bullen (Munkeywi (voice))
Production Code: 1816

Camille is thrown into the temple by the new overlord, Grizzaka. Carnisoar & Jellica are surprised & pleased to see him after 10,000 years, but he blasts them, calling them liars. Grizzaka kneels, pledging loyalty to Dai Shi, until he sees that Dai Shi is in a weak, human form. He is angry that Dai Shi got them destroyed over 10,000 years, and will not bow to a weak human. Grizzaka defeats Dai Shi with Zokato power. Dai Shi vows to master it, too. Carnisoar asks Grizzaka to teach Dai Shi, but he is invincible without him. Jellica insists that Grizzaka will need Dai Shi’s help to lead his Rinshi, but Grizzaka has a warrior of his own Munkeywi to lead the Rinshi. Grizzaka has a mission for Munkeywi, he is to spread fear, thus gaining Grizzaka more strength.
RJ wakes up in a garbage pile. Fran stops Lily from walking through the soapy water, where she is scrubbing the floor. Lily steps out of her shoes & continues serving customers. Theo stops a man when he enters the JKP without shoes. “No shoes, no shirt, no pizza.” But the guy points out Lily, and Theo tells her to put her shoes back on. The man continues protesting, but RJ walks in, his shirt in tatters, and no shoes. Theo gives up, telling the guy to sit wherever he wants. RJ walks into the kitchen, “Kevin, I was so worried! This is the third morning you weren’t here, so I opened, but-” RJ seems tired as he starts to walk up the stairs. “Breath, Fran. And it’s burning.” He turns her head towards the oven, where the pizzas are starting to burn. While Fran is distracted, RJ goes upstairs and changes into fresh clothes. When he comes out of his room he sees a news report. People were attacked sometime around midnight, the creature had long teeth, was covered in fur, and had very sharp claws. “What have I done?” RJ thinks to himself, looking at his hand.
RJ is packing a bag, but stops to look in a box, with a purple glow when Fran comes in. Immediately RJ puts the box away, and she notices RJ’s bag. “RJ? Are you going somewhere? Hey, I’ve been coming to Jungle Karma for over a year now. I’ve seen you on good days, and I was even here when the whole kitchen caught fire, so-” “Yeah, bummer,” RJ chuckles, ” but I did invent the whole smoky, crispy combo.” Fran asks RJ to tell her what’s wrong. He explains that since his animal spirit was injured during the fight with Dai Shi, he can’t control his animal form. She asks why he doesn’t go to the Rangers for help. RJ say that they can’t help, but they’d try, and then they wouldn’t be focusing on defeating Dai Shi. He has to leave until he’s back in balance. Until then he’s major hazmat to anyone around him. He’s walking through the city, struggling with his spirit, when he hears people screaming for help, and sees a monkey-creature wreaking havoc & leaving claw marks on the things he attacks. RJ remembers the news broadcast, and realizes that Munkeywi is responsible for the attacks, not him! He attacks Munkeywi, but since he is still struggling with his spirit, he is no match and is defeated. RJ is thrown to the ground, and Munkeywi is about to deal a crushing blow, when he is blasted from above. Casey comes riding in on the Strike Rider. He asks if RJ is ok, and RJ says he is. Munkeywi is ready for another attack on RJ, but Theo & Lily come in for an attack, too. Casey goes in to help, but the villain gets the best of them & renews his attack on RJ, striking a blow where RJ’s spirit is trying to come out. This causes him to turn into the werewolf. But instead of facing the monkey, he attacks the Rangers! Munkeywi, happy for the ‘help’, leaves for a “banana break”. The Rangers back the werewolf up to the wall & try to hold him, but he throws them off. Luckily for the Rangers, RJ transforms back into his human form.
Back at Dai Shi’s temple, Munkeywi is happily retelling the battle, explaining how RJ transformed & attacked the Rangers. Carnisoar & Jellica praise Grizzaka. He’s already proving himself his first day in charge. Dai Shi looks up, from where he kneels, angrily.
In the loft, RJ explains that the animal form is too powerful, and that he could get stuck in werewolf form, permanently. He cries in pain as the alarm blares, alerting them that Munkeywi is attacking the city again. Casey tells Lily to stay with RJ, but Fran says she’ll stay, explaining that the Rangers need all the help they can get. After the Rangers leave RJ is in pain, he drops his water, so Fran leaves to get him more. He falls to his knees on the floor, and his hand changes, as he looses control.
The Rangers surround Munkeywi, but he throws Lily. Theo & Casey grab him, but he slips from their grip, dealing them blows, as well.
When Fran returns she offers to make him a pizza, but RJ isn’t in his chair. She drops the glass with a scream, as she hears growling from behind her. He’s standing on the landing, staring down at her menacingly & growling. She backs across the room, telling him that she’s not afraid, and that she knows he’s a good person, and that he wouldn’t hurt her or a fly. He leaps on top of her, and is about to claw her, but she cries out in fear & he stops. She puts her hand against his, and he turns back into his human form. He pulls her to her feet , hugs her & thanks her for getting him back to normal. She tells RJ to run to his friend next time. Speaking of friends, RJ is reminded that the Rangers need help. He returns to his cabinet to retrieve the box before leaving.
Meanwhile, the Rangers bring out their weapons. Lily attacks with the Jungle Mace, but Munkeywi catches it & spins her through the air. Theo fights with the Jungle Fan, but Munkeywi turns it against him & throws him into a car. Casey attacks with the Shark Sabers, but he is tossed away, as well. “Your weapons are no match for me, and neither are you!” Munkeywi jeers before blasting them with dark energy. He stand over them & declares they are no challenge. The Wolf Spirit knocks Munkeywi back, “Maybe I can give you the challenge you’re looking for.” RJ pulls out a morpher, “Jungle Beast- Spirit Unleashed! With the courage of a wolf, Jungle Fury, Wolf Ranger!” With this, RJ is transformed into the Violet Ranger. The Rangers are surprised to see RJ as a Ranger, & Munkeywi is not thrilled with the addition of a new Ranger. Munkeywi calls for the Rinshi to destroy this new threat. The Wolf Ranger defeats them without a problem, calling upon extra Wolf power to finish them. Then he takes down Munkeywi, no sweat! The Rangers are proud of RJ, praising him on his first morph. Grizzaka calls on Zokato power to make Munkeywi revive & grow. The other Rangers take over, calling on their zords. They form the Megazord, but Munkeywi grabs the Cheetah leg, twisting until Lily can’t fight anymore, but RJ comes in with the Wolf Zord to help. The Wolf Zord combines with the others, just as the Cheetah Zord fades away. Inside the Megazord, RJ comforts Lily & takes charge. They defeat Munkeywi, with RJ’s help. Camille & Flit, watch from the sidelines, he is pleased at the Ranger’s win, but Camille is furious.
Later at JKP, the teens go into the loft to find RJ, but see a mess, with a wolf amid the chaos. They assume RJ has lost control to his animal form, becoming a wolf forever. They promise to brush him every day, he gets as much pizza as he wants, and a flea bath, too. But RJ comes from the other room & explains that he was dog-sitting, and not very well.
Dai Shi is training by himself, pushing himself, angry that the Rangers grow strong & he can’t do anything about it. His yell of anger brings out hidden power, Zokato; he is learning.